11th Movement
New Eyes, New Light

Music ©2007 David Gómez Sanz (Segovia, Spain).
Lyrics and vocals ©2008 Richard Schletty (Minnesota, U.S.A)


Deep within the starswept perimeter
dwells the highest transcendence.
Architect and lover of the world
who knows all greatness and smallness.
Force that seeds and waters soil.
Force that watches creation toil.
Eternal eyes, infinite light, ever shining bright.

Transcendence sends a magic burst
to a waiting womb.
Luminescence so pure as to
wash the charred heart.
Vibration so tuned as to still disquiet.
Warmth so profound as to
turn death into renewal.

Now begins flow of blood. Blessing of tissue.
Alignment of neurons.
New child, now delivered into being,
shocked by mortal senses,
Floating on a sea of soft hymns
and experienced fingertips.
New eyes, new light,
emerging from darkest night.

Flowers open wide in expectation of new breath,
new word, new stewardship.
Old souls applaud the act of regeneration,
the possible repair of chaos.
Neglected water and dusty roads
ready to convey
a fresh new soul to deepest crypts
and highest summits.

Ride on, sweet child, guided by the
glowing shadows of your saintly mentors.
Journey safe through valleys, across plains,
toward a rising sun.
Grow well, seed of hope for heavy hearts
and furrowed brows.
Illuminate us with your new eyes.